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Why is Video Marketing so Popular


If you are a business that has lofty goals and want to achieve them as soon as possible then without a doubt Marketing becomes one of the most important aspects that you need to consider. Because of the high competition in current times, even marketing strategies have been forced to diversify and adapt in order to gain an edge over other players. Marketing on a different medium such as print, television & online has become the mainstay.

Even out of all the marketing media out there Video has become the more preferred option just for the plain and simple reason that they are more effective. The main question here is why? Before we go into that we will be better off to define what exactly video marketing is and how it is applied.

Video Marketing is when you use the video medium in order to spread the word about a brand, product, or service. The dual audio-visual presentation is highly effective in communicating information about a product and creates a lasting impression on the audience. There are countless studies out there that show that more people are attracted to video more than just text or sound; so it goes without saying that video marketing is more effective.

Now let’s discuss in more detail why video marketing is so effective in marketing campaigns.

Greater Attraction: In videos, there are more things to attract the viewer to the content. The theme of the video, how colorful the video is, the delivery, and the tone of the message carrier are some of them. All of these subtly build-up to the audience is more receptive to the message in the video.  

More Information: Videos are capable of delivering more information at a given time period than any other medium out there. From explaining the product or service to tutorials as to how to use the product or service a ton of information can be delivered from a video. It has been found that people can always listen and process information faster than they can by reading thus that is another plus point for video marketing.

More Conversions with Sales: Plenty of studies done using information and data gathered from a wide range of marketers and entrepreneurs have shown that video marketing is the most effective at increasing conversions and sales. A startling stat is that when you include a video in your marketing strategy that will give you a 50% or higher conversion rate. This will lead you to a higher possibility of making a sale.

Videos get shared quickly: The other greatest benefit of creating a video for marketing is that in this day and age it is quite easy for people to share it using social media. If you release your video on a social media platform and if the people find your content interesting and engaging you can be sure they would want others to see it. This can sometimes lead to viral sharing, spreading the knowledge of your brand and product very fast.

Creating Amazing Animations: The advantage of creating a video for marketing purposes is that you can easily add small animation snippets into its stream. This can add attractiveness to the video thus increasing its acceptance. 

The effectiveness of video marketing is not restricted to these features alone. There are various other subtle positives that you can gain through the video medium. All of these will lead to better lead generation and conversions and better sales ultimately.

Even though video marketing is very effective it can be expensive as well. If your expense to create a video outweighs the benefits that you will gain from it you might want to hold off on taking that route until later. Regardless of cost there is no denying that video marketing is one of the most effective marketing methods out there and it will stay that way for a long time to come.