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Benefits of Having a Business Website Instead of Only Having a Facebook Business Page.

May 16, 2021

In the world of social media influencers and their followers, there is an increasing trend of businesses only to maintain a Facebook business page and disregard the need for a website. Social media platforms are getting more advanced and have provided many features to support small and medium enterprises. Small businesses are trying to take full advantage of these options, and now Facebook has over 40 million small business pages. These features may seem like an excellent option for businesses compared to implementing and maintaining a website; there are few things to be aware of before making the final decision to abandon the idea of a dedicated website. 

There are limited ways to tell people who you are.

There is a uniques story behind your product. Its origination, development, and final product are driven by your passion and the hard work you put into it. Therefore you should be able to tell your story in your way without being constrained to the features provided by Facebook. If you have your website, your storytelling options are limitless, and you have complete control over the narrative. 

You do not have to worry about competition.

When you are on Facebook, you face tough competition to gain visibility from potential customers. Given the vast amount of new content generated every second, the battle for likes and shares is intense on Facebook. When someone visits your website, you have the complete attention of the visitor. Therefore, they will spend more time exploring your products, leading to solid sale opportunities. 

Brand Recognition.

Having a dedicated website leads to more brand recognition. Because when someone visits your website, they get to know more about your brand. Knowing more about your brand helps customers remember your brand more, and you can provide in-depth information such as shipping and warranty. 

Everyone is not a Facebook user.

This fact can easily go unnoticed because it has become a part of your daily routine to scroll down on your feed, and you may not notice the people you know who do not have a Facebook presence. For many of us, a Facebook account is a must-have, but we understand that this does not apply to everyone. Also, some may have a Facebook account, but they may not be a regular user. Therefore, if you are only operating on Facebook, you will miss out on the people without a Facebook account or do not regularly use Facebook. 

Final Note.

This article intends to shine a light on the importance of having your website instead of only having a Facebook business page.  We wanted to inform the reader about the facts that should be considered before deciding not to have a business website. This does not mean that you should not have a Facebook business page rather we wanted to highlight the importance of having both. 

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