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How to Run a Successful Social Media Competition

June 23, 2020

Everyone likes to participate in competitions. If it has a great prize at the end and the competition is well planned out and structured and if you can compete while enjoying the comfort of your living room, who wouldn’t want to compete? Running a competition on social media can lead to great benefits for your business. It gives great exposure to your company and the services you offer. Here are somethings that you should consider if you are thinking of hosting such a competition.

 Have Clear Objectives Set:

It won’t matter how successful a competition you host on Social media if you did not have a clear plan as to what you & your company wanted to achieve through it. What are your goals: Do you want to promote any new products or services, or do you want to increase your sales or do you just want to increase your followers on social media. You can achieve all or a selected one out of these if you make sure that you have planned it all out beforehand. There are great benefits to be reaped by running a smart social media competition but if you approach it blindly you will be losing out a lot.

Be Smart When Choosing the type of Contest:

There are countless social media-hosted competitions that you can run on the various different platforms out there. You can have caption contests, Quizzes, Raffle Draws, and even the somewhat crude Spot Something video competitions.

Caption contests usually lead the roost when it comes to the fun aspect among online competitions. You can start one by posting a picture of something related to your product or business and then challenge your audience to come up with a funny or quirky caption to describe it. It will be great fun for people who actively engage in it as well as for the people who will just want to see what others replied with. Regardless your product will get more views this way whether you give out a prize or just crown a champion without one this type of contest will give great benefits. 

Quizzes are another way to create community engagement. You can use it to promote and inform your audience about a new product that you are promoting. You can ask your viewers a series of questions about the product and the first person to come up with the correct answers will win. You can give away a free sample of the product you are promoting as the gift of the competition.

Quizzes can be an excellent way of providing your audience with knowledge about a new or not so new product. You can ask your audience a series of complex or even simple questions, and the one who comes up with the right answer(s) first wins. Their reward could be a free sample of your product, exclusive access to your services, or some kind of discount.

You must always be mindful not to make the competition too complex. This will depend on the age & intelligence of your audience and the amount that you plan on spending on your main prize. If a competition is too hard it will deter a lot of people from competing in it. Keep it simple to get the maximum benefit.

Give as Much Publicity as Possible:

When you have the competition planned, rules confirmed and the goals have been set you will need to let everyone know about the competition. Use social media to the maximum effect to spread the work, which will complement the competition brilliantly since it will be run on social media itself. This way, your target audience will be able to find out about the contest very easily. Use all social media available to you for this. You can even reach out to potential competitors using an email outreach.

You can gain more exposure by asking your audience to share the post on the competition on social media for an extra chance of winning or some additional benefit. You won’t be losing out on anything extra because of this. This will get the contest widespread attention

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