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Is SEO Rocket Science?

February 22, 2021

When running an e-commerce site, one of the biggest challenges you would face is to find ways to increase inbound traffic. Using Search Engine Optimization has to be the primary technique to increase traffic. However, not everyone is aware of SEO, and even a smaller number has the know-how to implement it successfully. The SEO techniques are highly interconnected; therefore, an unsuccessful SEO implementation may give you an adverse result. Hence, only an experienced and knowledgeable team must implement an SEO strategy.

Although it is free, an SEO strategy can be the breaking point for an e-commerce website. There are e-commerce sites that gained billions of dollars in revenue and a solid foundation in the market because they had the correct strategy and implementation of SEO from the very beginning of their journey. To achieve this, you must have a team that can bring the full potential of SEO. 

Given the composition and the operation methods, SEO implementation for e-commerce sites can be very complex. Given the highly competitive market, traditional SEO techniques such as content creation and media campaigns are not sufficient. In order to improve organic traffic and increase sales, e-commerce websites need to have a unique approach.

Below are some of the critical factors that you need to know to have a successful SEO implementation.

  • Pay attention to how long it takes to load your website:

These days everyone wants their website to load almost instantly; therefore, having a slow-loading website can impact your SEO ranking and visitor perceptions. Very high-resolution images commonly impact this. Although high-resolution images can make your website stunning, it puts too much pressure on the loading time, and this could do more harm than what you could gain from a fancy image.  This does not mean you should use low-quality images. You should still carefully pick the pictures that provide an equilibrium in the competing factors, the visual element, and the site loading time. 

You can have better results by enabling an image zoom option. This will provide a low-quality image when the website is loading and give a high-quality image when someone clicks on it.

  • Incentivize reviews for your products

An e-commerce site can greatly benefit beyond the traditional sense of frequent and prompt interactions with your customers. When customers post reviews, they create very relevant and original content for your website. This can boost your product pages without any effort. And, of course, search engines love this type of unique content, which greatly supports your SEO rankings. 

  • Good Link Building Practices:

It is vital to have links to your website from highly reputed and visited websites that greatly boost your search engine rankings. It is critical to be aware that it’s a matter of quality, not quantity. Having a large number of links does not matter if they are coming from underperforming sites.  

Having good links will convert into more leads and increased sales for your website. However, it is essential to be careful that the links are from websites that your customers frequently use; if not, your website may get penalties from search engines. 

  • Use Strategic Internal Linking:

It is crucial to properly link the pages within your website, which greatly benefits your SEO implementation. Having internal links provide additional support to your visitors as it makes it very easy to navigate your website. It lowers your customers’ time to get where they want and will spend more time on your products. It also helps to compare similar items and provides a greater shopping experience conveniently. 

  • Videos & Images:

Being able to provide an in-depth idea is a massive part of the shopping experience. If a customer walks into a store, they can touch, feel and get a sense of what they are paying their money. However, providing these feelings is a challenging task for an e-commerce site. The best way to achieve this is through product videos and images; getting a better idea about the products will incline visitors to buy the product. You need to provide pictures and videos covering multiple angles, and don’t forget to add alt tags explaining the product to the images as it helps them appear in organic searches.

  • Use an SSL Certificate for Site Security:

Protecting personnel data has been an enormous concern for everyone in the industry, and e-commerce websites are a primary target of hackers who plans to get their hands on information such as credit card information and other private and confidential data. One of the best deterrents is to get an SSL certificate, which would provide your website with HTTPS encryption. An SSL certificate will encapsulate your customers’ sensitive details from outside eavesdroppers. This will significantly boost your consumer confidence.

  • Selling Seasonal Products:

As there is only a seasonal hype for these products and less competitive in the keyword game, it is a great strategy to attract more traffic. As many people would be interested in buying from a well catered seasonal product line, this can significantly impact the traffic. Moreover, you can continue to change the product line to match the season, whether it’s spring, summer, or fall. 

  • Have Unique URLs Matching Product Titles:

Make sure to make the page URL match the page title as doing otherwise can be extremely harmful for the SEO implementation. It may be effortless to get automated product page URLs, such as /9512542654; however, this can be damaging. It is best to use matching product page titles and URLs. E.g., if the product is blue jeans, use an URL such as /blue-jeans.

  • Add Keyword Infused Meta Descriptions for Product Pages:

Meta descriptions are critical for a visitor when deciding what page to visit after the initial search results. Meta descriptions are the information that appears below the page hyperlink in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPS). Therefore, they have a huge impact on the decision to visit your website. You need to have very good meta descriptions that will allow customers to understand your product.

  • It is crucial to have an internal search function:

 When potential consumers visit your webpage, it is crucial to provide them with a very seamless user experience. Having an internal search function will greatly improve customer satisfaction as it can essentially cut down the time someone may spend to get where they want. A search function is much faster and convenient compared to a site navigation scheme as a search function can provide the potential customer with more relevant product suggestions in a much shorter time. This can significantly increase customer satisfaction and sales.  

Final Thoughts:

Providing your visitors with the best possible user experience is the utmost priority for an e-commerce site. An e-commerce site with a great user experience makes it convenient and seamless for users to efficiently find what they want. Additionally, the website should provide an in-depth experience about its products, which will lead to more customer satisfaction and sales. Having great customer satisfaction will lead to more returning customers and more brand loyalty and reputation. 

A good SEO implementation will increase the user experience and vice versa. Therefore, you should not consider SEO in isolation. It impacts how your website appears in the initial search result, how much attention you will receive in a highly competitive market, and how they will engage your website and sales. Having a good SEO strategy is not easy, and doing it right is even harder. It requires timely improvements and dedication. Successfully implementing a good SEO strategy will take you a very long way in brand loyalty and sales. 

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