Search Engine Optimization

We rank your website higher in Google and ensure your business is more easily found

From the top three results to the first page of Google, we rank your website higher in Google and ensure your business is more easily found. Using organic SEO methods for long-term results.


Prior to going out to find what a consumer is looking for, about 70% of the population search online, at home. Thats a huge number of customers that you could be missing out on if your website is not easily found in the search engine.

“If you don’t want something to be found, put it on page 2 of google”

Search Engine Optimization is a strategy used across most industries marketing plans. It is important to stay up to date on the latest key words and phrases, terms and ideas. SEO strategies capture the essence of your business within key words that are frequently used in search engines. We routinely update our database, maximizing the output and generating higher traffic over a longer period of time. SEO is cutting edge, and without it, your business could get lost, losing many of your potential customers.



Each business has its own unique formula that will work for them. Just as businesses are unique so are strategies for SEO. We have our underlying checklists and foundations, but the research and ground work analysis will be individual for your business and industry and budget. SEO is under constant evolution, we make it our primary priority to keep our team up to date with all the latest news and training to continue our own understanding of an ever changing market.

The algorithms within the main search engines change on a regular basis, so we ensure that your business and website remain optimized for SERPS (Search Engine Results Page) when these changes occur.

SEO is so much more than having multiple links pointing to your website and adding keywords to increase your rankings. SEO isn’t just about adding content or buying new domain names and backlinks. Your website must be technically search engine friendly for the browsers scrawlers to identify relevant information and help you appear in the results. Your website must be mobile friendly and responsive as well as aesthetically pleasing. Our in house team has their own formula and checklist to bringing your website to the top of the search results. Our experts have mastered the art of optimization through submitting sitemaps, fixing crawling or indexing issues and so much more.


One of the most important pieces to the successful SEO strategy is creating ongoing, unique, informative and relevant content within your website, blogs, vlogs, social media, and videos. This allows you to engage with your browsers and build a trusting relationship. Being seen as an informative and trusted content provider helps raise your ranking.


Part of our ongoing process to completely optimize your website we must analyze and review the back end; the platform for which it is built on and what the navigation structure is. The search engines indexing system will decide how positive user experience is and present it more easily. The question is how many times do your browsers click before clicking to the next page.

A consumer can easily be put off by searching for a product tirelessly only to give up because the eCommerce site is hard to navigate. We want them to complete the transaction, and we can help you to create the type of website that.

We analyse your analytics data to ensure visitors flow through your website, find what they need and ultimately contact you and make a purchase. We will take you through our findings and help you to improve traffic, leads, and sales from your website in the long term.

Digital Marketing is the leading accountable advertising opportunity. Word of mouth and referrals and recommendations help us place trust in a brand. Google search results on page one are the online version of recommendations. It is never too late to start, your competitors are doing it already, the longer you leave it, the more ground you lose to them.
After analyzing your website we prepare a digital marketing strategy to ensure long term success. We provide your first set of reports and findings within three months of working on your SEO and you should have significant improved results in ranking within 6 months.

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