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Your brand identity is very important to us, and we are driven to meeting your needs.Using cutting edge technologies to develop the most dynamic products, Web Studio Florida ensures that users have the best possible experiences through our Web Design, Development, SEO, Content, Blog Writing, Social Media, IT support, and our Software and Hardware integration expertise.

From the moment we meet, we will strive to achieve your absolute satisfaction with our work.

The dynamic duo behind Webstudio Florida has over 20 years of experience and over 300 collective clients to vouch for their hands on and in depth expertise. From the United States to The UK and Sri Lanka, Himala Gamage and his wife and business partner Dr. Sirani K. M. Perera have proven to be innovative entrepreneurs in the technical world.

From a very young age, 13 to be exact, Himala Gamage has been practicing his skills and developing his keen sense of understanding for hardware and software. As a Computer Systems Design graduate from the National Institute of Business Management, Sri Lanka, Himala is a computer savant and expert in the field of computing and technology. Alongside his like-minded comrade and colleague, Himala founded a chain of successful internet cafes prior to relocating to the United States in 2002.

Dr. Sirani K.M. Perera, the other half to the leadership of Webstudio Florida, is a successful scholar and entrepreneur in her own right. Dr. Perera is a leading mind at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University holding a Ph.D., MASt, ans BSc in Mathematics from several prestigious institutions.

With close to 90% retention rate and over 300 clients internationally, Mr Gamage and Dr. Perera pride themselves on the quality of their work and the strength of their network. We take care of our clients like we take care of our families. Family is important to the team at Webstudio Florida, and we would like to welcome you to ours.

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