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Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Empower your workforce against online threats with our industry-leading cybersecurity awareness training programs
More than 80% of data breaches have been due to human error. Our cybersecurity awareness training programs empower your staff with the awareness and knowledge to identify and counter online threats


Companies still encounter security breaches despite having the best online security mechanisms and systems. This is primarily due to the human element being the weakest link. More than 80% of data breaches have been due to human error. Threat actors use techniques like social engineering attacks, system issues, and exploitation of stolen credentials to gain access to a company’s networks and systems.

Cybersecurity Awareness Training helps educate your personnel about different methods cybercriminals use to trick them, how to identify possible threats, and what they can do to avoid becoming victims of these schemes. It will empower your staff with the awareness and knowledge to identify potential hazards and counter them before they cause any harm. 

Suppose you ignore your cybersecurity awareness training at your company. In that case, your business can risk intellectual property loss, financial loss, damage to company reputation, and loss of customer trust. It can even lead to legal penalties and incur the cost of remediation. So be smart, partner with Web Studio Florida, and use our industry-leading cybersecurity awareness training programs to bolster your company’s workforce against online threats. We aim to establish a robust cybersecurity culture within your organization and turn your staff into your biggest cybersecurity asset.




Comprehensive Training Programs

We offer a range of state-of-the-art cybersecurity awareness training programs that cover all aspects of online cybersecurity threats and how to identify and counter them. We offer unique, bespoke training experiences using engaging activities which will be memorable for your staff. Our end goal is to establish a robust cybersecurity culture within your organization.

    ➤  Wide-ranging Training Programs
    ➤  Identifying Threats and Countering Them
    ➤  Unique & Engaging Training Experiences
    ➤  Establish Strong Cybersecurity Culture
Detect and Avoid Phishing Attacks

Phishing attacks are the most common cyber security threats and are getting more sophisticated. We try to create habits to help your staff spot and avoid phishing emails. We will utilize a phishing simulator, conduct automated phishing testing programs using templates, and provide instant feedback to employees on their mistakes.

    ➤  Most Common Cybersecurity Threat
    ➤  Create Habits to Spot & Avoid Phishing Emails
    ➤  Utilize a Phishing Simulator
    ➤  Provide Instant Feedback

Personalized Training Experiences

We understand that each employee is different, and they all perceive things differently. We have created diverse training programs that deliver personalized training experiences to ensure that all your employees are up to speed on cybersecurity and online threats.

    ➤  One Size Fits All Training Paradigm is Obsolete
    ➤  Each Employee is Different
    ➤  Diverse Training Programs
    ➤  Personalized Training Experiences
Learning Management System (LMS)

We utilize an LMS where you can easily enroll users in training and create custom courses crafted to suit your requirements. The LMS is SCORM compliant and can integrate with different authentication platforms. The system is efficient and easy to use, with reminders, notifications, and token-based logins.

    ➤  Easily Enroll Users in Training
    ➤  Create Custom Courses
    ➤  SCORM Compliant & Integration Ready
    ➤  Reminders, Notifications & Token-based Logins
Diverse All-inclusive Reporting

We offer diverse reporting options where you can exhibit compliance with standards, identify struggling personnel, and enable users to report suspicious emails. We provide reports such as Executive Reports, Technical Reports, & Individual reports. You can get Real-Time Reporting as well custom reports through our Reports Generator.

    ➤  Diverse Reporting Options
    ➤  Identify Struggling Personnel
    ➤  Executive, Technical, & Individual Reports
    ➤  Reports Generator Available
Managed Training Services

Our cybersecurity training experts have created a comprehensive, fully managed training service to help your company with its security awareness training program. Our team will handle training course enrolments, the testing program and schedule, and report delivery while providing additional services and features to our partners.

    ➤  Fully-managed Training Service
    ➤  Managed by Cybersecurity Training Experts
    ➤  Handles All Aspects of The Training
    ➤  Additional Services and Features for Partners

Contact Web Studio Florida today to get industry-leading cybersecurity awareness training programs for your company, fortify your workforce against online threats, and build a strong cybersecurity culture within your organization.

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