Software and Mobile Application Development

Increase the efficiency of business operations and discover new ways to engage with your customers
Take advantage of new technology and devices by using your very own custom-built software, tailor-made for your requirements, and provide your customer better access to your products and services through mobile apps


With the world getting more high-tech day by day, computers, the internet, and mobile phones have become critical elements for even the smallest business. There are plenty of third-party Software and apps to use these high-tech devices, but they can never give you the advantages you get from having your custom software & apps.

Custom-built Software can do wonders for your in-house business operations, reducing workloads on your employees while increasing efficiency. Custom-built Software will be tailor-made to address the exact needs of your company, and you will be involved with the development process every step of the way.

Enhance customer loyalty to your brand resulting in growth in all areas of your business. A mobile app increases customer engagement by providing them better access to your products and offering them personalized services. Mobile Apps will also create new revenue streams, where companies who start digitizing their business practices will be able to discover new products and services to offer to their existing customer base.

At Web Studio Florida, we have cracked the code to make truly engaging and efficient Software & mobile apps. Our app developers will ensure that they understand what your Software requires and strive to give you the best product you dream of.




Well-planned Development Strategy

The objectives of Software depend on what the company wants to achieve from it, so you should build your strategy accordingly. During this period, you should first determine the purpose of your Software. Then you should conduct a requirements analysis to gather essential information. Once you do that, you can finalize the app’s goals and objectives.

    ➤  Determine The Purpose of Your Software
    ➤  Conduct Requirements Analysis
    ➤  Finalize The Software’s Goals and Objectives
    ➤  Build Your Strategy Accordingly

Finalize Requirements and Plan Milestones

During this stage, you need to define use cases and finalize the requirements specification of the Software. You need to create a roadmap for the rest of the development process. Prioritizing requirements, allocating resources, creating a timeline, setting milestones, and defining the minimum viable product are the important actions of this process.

    ➤  Finalize Requirements Specification
    ➤  Create Development Roadmap
    ➤  Prioritize Requirements & Resource Allocation
    ➤  Define Minimum Viable Product

Develop User Interface and User Experience

How the users embrace an App and use its features will define its success or failure. A good UI and UX design make the app user-friendly, interactive & intuitive, leading to a better user experience and a high engagement rate.

    ➤  Excellent UI & UX Design
    ➤  User-friendly, Interactive & Intuitive
    ➤  Great User Experience & High Engagement
    ➤  Increased Sales & Revenue
Initiate the Development Process

The development process is the most vital part of any software creation. During this period, we will define the technology and technical architecture to build the Software, then the development approach and its milestones. After that, our team will start the development of the back-end, API, and Front-end functionalities.

    ➤  The Biggest, Most Vital Element
    ➤  Define the Technical Architecture
    ➤  Great User Experience & High Engagement
    ➤  Increased Sales & Revenue

Perform Quality Assurance Testing

Quality Assurance testing is vital to ensure the stability, usability & security of Software. Test cases will test various aspects such as Function, Performance, User Experience, Security, and Device and Platform performance. The results are tabulated, fixes are made, and retesting continues until all issues are resolved.

    ➤  Vital for Stability, Usability & Security
    ➤  Different Aspects Tested Using Test Cases
    ➤  Tabulation of Results
    ➤  Fixes Implemented & Retested

App Deployment

Deployment of the app is a key phase of any app development. To launch the app in the major app stores such as Google Play store or Apple App store, first, we will create developer accounts. Then we will make sure that all app store guidelines are followed to experience a smooth launch.

    ➤  Deployment of App in Major App Stores.
    ➤  Requires Developer Account
    ➤  Follow App Store Guidelines
    ➤  Fixes Implemented & Retested

User Support and Review

After its launch, you can monitor the Software using analytics programs and track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Look out for crash reports or any other issues reported by users and any feedback given. Constantly review performance, apply fixes through patching, and keep upgrading the Software based on new technology available.

    ➤  Monitor Through Analytics and track KPIs.
    ➤  Monitor Crash Reports & User Feedback
    ➤  Review Performance and Apply Fixes
    ➤  Upgrade Regularly Using New Technologies

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