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Social Media Management

We will create the perfect Social Media Strategy that will keep your social media channels humming with activity
With the right Social Media Strategy, run a successful Social Media Management campaign that will increase audience engagement, enhance your brand, and increase your sales and revenue.


Social Media Management is the process of creating and publishing content on social media channels, monitoring audience engagement, developing a community of fans, customers, and influencers, and finally, reporting & analyzing the outcome of your activities. This process is repeated over several cycles to nail down the perfect Social Media Strategy for a company.

The right Social Media Strategy will be able to analyze your market and your target audience and determine their patterns and habits. It can then use that information to craft content that will appeal to them and promote such content so that the target audience will want to engage, Thus, creating the perfect Social Media Campaign for you.



Conduct Social Media Audit

A social media audit will collect information about your company's social media accounts. Then we will prepare reports for each social media profile to analyze their performances and compare them with industry benchmarks and your competitors. You can then do a SWOT analysis of these results to steer your social media strategy.

    ➤  Catalog all Social Media Accounts
    ➤  Generate Reports on Social Media
    ➤  Compare with Industry and Competitors
    ➤  Conduct SWOT Analysis Based
Create Social Media Strategy

A social media strategy based on the findings of the social media audit followed by audience research to understand your potential customers better. Afterward, we will identify which social media platforms are best suited for you, what content and posts you should promote on them, and when to post them.

    ➤  Conduct SEO Audit
    ➤  Conduct Audience Research
    ➤  Identify Best Social Media Channels
    ➤  Identify Appropriate Content & Schedule
Increased Social Media Presence & Engagement

Your social media profiles will be well-managed, active, and engaging. Engagement ranges from likes, comments, shares & mentions to direct messages. How your business engages with your audience will affect how people view and value your brand. That will enable you to easily lead them towards the products and services you want to promote.

    ➤  Manage Social Media Channels
    ➤  Active Engagement with Audiences
    ➤  Enhance Image and Value of Brand
    ➤  Lead Audiences to Achieve Goals
Content Creation & Collaboration

For social media management to be effective, you need to publish the right piece of content at the right time; from the correct text copy to captivating images to engaging videos. You can use links and calls to action to lead the audience to your website. You can also collaborate with Industry Experts to create more engaging content.

    ➤  Capture Social Media Trends
    ➤  Post Engaging Content
    ➤  Do Collaborations with Industry Experts
    ➤  Lead Audiences to Achieve Goals
Social Media Reports & Review

Getting regular Social Media reports is key to identifying if your social media strategy is working. Different social media channels have various metrics to measure things, such as reach, engagement & audience growth. Using these, Web studio Florida can measure your progress and then review and optimize your social media strategy accordingly.

    ➤  Get Regular Social Media Reports
    ➤  Use Social Media Metrics
    ➤  Measure Strategy Progress
    ➤  Review and Optimize Social Media Strategy

Contact Web Studio Florida today to create your managed Social Media Strategy and Social Media campaign. We guarantee you that we can increase your social media presence, expand your audience, engage with them and enhance the standing of your company & brand online.

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