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Web Application & API Penetration Testing

Discover and repair any vulnerabilities in your website and APIs from online threats
We offer coverage of the entire Web app and API testing spectrum, which goes beyond the OWASP Top 10 and SANS 25 vulnerability listings. You will never have to worry about the security of your web applications and APIs again.


Nowadays, when it comes to attracting new clients and customers, your online reputation matters a lot, and your website is a critical element in it. If your website gets hacked and its content exploited, it will not look good for your image. If the hacker could steal your data, it would be even worse. That’s why it is essential to identify vulnerabilities your website might have and resolve them immediately.

An Application Programming Interface (API) is a software intercessor or go-between that assists your applications in communicating with each other. It offers developers different tools and protocols for building software applications and helps with extracting data and sharing it among the applications.
If your organization offers online services, APIs present the best entry point for a hacker who wants to access your data. Knowledge of the internal structure and implementation of the API, lack of encryption, weak authentication, and insecure endpoints can help a hacker penetrate your API.

Organizations and developers can utilize security tests to ensure that their Websites, APIs & Web Applications are shielded from malicious attacks. 
Security Testing, Web Application & API Penetration Testing is necessary to identify the security vulnerabilities of your business website and APIs and it helps you to secure your financial transaction information as well as the personal information of your customers.

We at Web Studio Florida will ensure that your websites, applications, and APIs go through rigorous testing to discover any vulnerabilities and provide insights on how to patch them up. You will never have to worry about the security of your websites and APIs again.




Fast Configuration & Full Coverage

Our testing process is easy to set up and can deploy quickly. You will not have to worry about figuring out what tests you require. Our experts will analyze your websites and APIs and select the correct testing configuration for you. These will cover all bases of your system, offering you full vulnerability testing coverage.

    ➤  Quick Setup & Deployment
    ➤  Expert Analysis of Digital Properties
    ➤  Custom Test Configurations
    ➤  Full Testing Coverage

Comprehensive Testing

A Comprehensive testing process will ensure that you discover any vulnerability. Concurrent testing & scheduled testing to be consistent; Different test types such as Javascript, fingerprinting, crawler testing, and authenticated testing all combine into one comprehensive testing package.

    ➤  Extensive Vulnerability Detection
    ➤  Variable Test Types Utilized
    ➤  Concurrent Testing & Scheduled Testing
    ➤  Comprehensive Testing Package

Collaborative Testing Process

We ensure the testing process will be collaborative. We can mold our testing programs to your requirements. We will let you add your team members to the testing process and grant permissions. We will generate a secure URL to share private results pages.

    ➤  Collaborative Endeavor
    ➤  Requirement-based Custom Testing
    ➤  Specific Access Permissions
    ➤  Private Results Pages

Extensive Reporting

You will get detailed reports with information on vulnerabilities, occurrences, and how to address them. You can get the statement in multiple formats such as PDF, CSV & XML to enable fast delivery of reports to developers.

    ➤  Detailed Test Reports
    ➤  Information on Vulnerabilities and Solutions
    ➤  Multi Format Reports
    ➤  Fast Report Delivery to Devs

Comprehensive Customer Support

We offer comprehensive support to help you tackle any of your website or API security problems with full access to our team of security and product experts. We can provide a dedicated team for consultation and troubleshooting issues if required. You can contact us by phone or email anytime for product-related issues.

    ➤  All-round Support
    ➤  Security & Product Experts
    ➤  24hr Phone and Email Support
    ➤  Dedicated Team for Consultation & Troubleshooting

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